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We offer so much more than just music! Our enhancements include (but are not limited to) Photo Booths, Photography, Up-lighting, Dance Floor Lighting, Custom Monograms, Dancing on Clouds, Sparkle Fountains
Dancing on Clouds
Dancing on Clouds ! 
#1 Wow factor for first dances. Dancing on the Clouds is a special effect created by a professional dry ice machine which produces thick, white fog that hugs the floor and dissipates without rising. Transform your dance floor instantaneously with a beautiful sea of cloud which will gently lap around your feet, creating a magical look that will really add the 'WOW' factor to your first dance or any special dance. You will feel like you're literally "Dancing On The Clouds". This special effect allows the photographer to get one of the best shots of the night.
-Pro Gobo Pro Monogram Lighting-01.jpeg


Have your name, initials, artwork, gobo, custom monogram or even your monogram from your invitation projected at your event.  We can project anywhere you want whether on the dance floor, walls, ceiling, pipe & drape fabric. Have your monogram customized or you can choose from pre-made gobos.

.Total Excitement Entertainment’s Up-lighting treatment transforms your wedding or event into a magical and unique space. Up-lighting looks great and gives your event space that special touch of beautiful ambiance. Light up pillars, walls, or high light certain area of your room with gorgeous LED Up-lights
Dance Floor Lights
Our Dance floor lights keeps your dance floor energized, and the dance floor moving with our unique dance floor lights.

Indoor Sparkler Fountain


Have an epic grand entrance or a captivating 1st dance with our 100% safe indoor sparkler fountain which could be fired multiple times throughout the night. Creating a beautiful dance floor effect throughout the night!

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